Jerry G. Wilkins, PSP® of Active Risk Survival recently completed the three-day training "Managing Critical Incidents at Institutions of Higher Education: A Whole Community Approach". The training was presented by Texas A&M University (TEEX) in conjunction with FEMA and IACLEA, hosted on the campus of Towson University and led by outstanding instructors from Texas A&M and St. John's College. 

Training included both classroom discussions and break-out sessions designed to apply concepts and procedures necessary to create a Critical Incident Response to an active Hostile/Hazardous event. Break-out sessions focused on real life cases, and allowed participants to develop Critical Incident Response options for dealing with crisis situations. Instructors highlighted traditional ICS response procedures and utilizing EOC and MAC to improve the effectiveness of on-scene responders.
"This was a well-designed and executed program" said Mr. Wilkins, ARS Vice President. "We will utilize lessons learned here in our own training programs going forward."