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Salisbury, Maryland
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This one hour session provides an overview of the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and the Incident Action Plan (IAP FEMA 201) as they relate to planning, training and preparing for an Active Shooter Incident. Participants will learn the terminology and methodology used by Emergency Operations Planners and Security Directors to meet recent mandates and best practices as defined by the Interagency Security Committees (FOUO lifted 11/2015). The session will include discussions of OSHA's General Duty Clause, NFPA 3000 (released April 2018), updated case studies, the Liability Risk Mitigation associated with proper planning, and the utilization of Electronic Countermeasures (CCTV, IDS, ACS and Mass Notification) as part of Critical Incident Response.

This class is a one hour overview of Emergency Operations Planning and provides basic information on FEMA's Incident Command Structure (ICS). ICS is the response protocol used to respond to all natural and man-made critical incidents.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES - “Hostile Event Preparedness

  1. Recognize more effective ways to apply technology to existing EOP/Annex.
  2. Utilize recent litigation to improve C-level buy-in.
  3. Communicate more effectively with first responders.

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